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What is a Draw Request and How Does It Work?

Posted by Walnut Street Finance Team on Jun 15, 2018 9:16:54 AM

What is a Draw Request?

Once you close your fix and flip loan, one of the next steps is understanding what draw requests are and how our process works.

Draw requests and how they work

There are three main buckets of money in your hard money loan: acquisition, interest reserves, and construction reserves. While acquisition funds are disbursed on day one, reserve funds are held until needed. When money is needed for construction costs, you’ll make a draw request to be reimbursed for work completed and/or materials on site.

How Does a Draw Request Work?

Anytime we disburse money to a borrower, it is our due diligence to ensure the project is progressing as indicated. A third-party inspector is employed to assess a project and provide us with a comprehensive report outlining the percentage complete for each line item in a borrower’s budget. Below are the specific steps to take when submitting a draw request to us.

  1. Request a disbursement in writing by emailing draws@walnutstreetfinance.com.
  2. Specify which items on the schedule are to be inspected and how much money you are requesting.
  3. Provide receipts, contracts, or invoices for labor and materials for which you have paid.
  4. Provide wiring instructions. We fund disbursement requests ONLY by wire or by check. Note: your financial institution’s wiring instructions may differ from the routing and account number on your check. It is your responsibility to ensure accurate information is provided for purposes of funding.
  5. Walnut Street Finance schedules a third-party inspection of the property.
  6. Inspector visits the property to assess project progress and provides photos and report within 24 hours of inspection.
  7. Our Loan Committee reviews the inspection report and any supportive documentation provided by the borrower.
  8. Our Loan Committee approves final amount of funds. Walnut Street Finance then wires funds to borrower.
  9. Repeat this process for subsequent draws.

Connecting You to What You Need

Our draw request process has a high level of human interaction, resulting in less confusion and better collaboration in funding projects as they progress. We aim to make construction funds available within 5 days of receiving the draw request--often sooner--and we work in direct collaboration with our borrowers to re-allot items in order to cover funds needed as budgets often change as projects move forward. That's the human element of servicing and one of the reasons Walnut Street Finance is different than other private money lenders! 

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