Weekly Round Up - Real Estate Links We Love - May 6

Posted by Walnut Street Finance Team on May 6, 2018

Our weekly round up of real estate links we love...


Real Estate Report: Many Virginia-shore singles own homes

The Hampton Roads area of Virginia posts the nation’s highest rate of homeownership among singles, according to a new study by the financial website SmartAsset. Sixty-four percent of people who live alone in Chesapeake, Virginia own their home, the highest rate in the nation, according to the study...read full article here

Here’s the $12 million reno Jeff Bezos is planning for his $23 million D.C. mansion

Jeff Bezos $23 million D.C. mansion
Photo courtesy of Washingtonian.com

A staircase made from one slab of marble. A limestone fireplace. A whiskey cellar. One hundred and ninety one doors, mostly custom and made from mahogany or bronze. Those grand touches are part of the $12 million renovation Jeff Bezos is undertaking at his Washington, D.C. mansion, according to a report by the Washingtonian...read full article here

4 D.C. home that prove fixer-uppers aren’t always the most affordable option

For those who don’t mind putting in a little extra elbow grease, buying a fixer-upper can be a worthy transaction in Washington, D.C., a city which is known as one of the most expensive metro areas for buying or renting. While fixer-uppers tend to be cheaper options for homebuyers, that’s not always the case...read full article here


5 Surprising Speedbumps That Can Slow Down a Home Sale

"If there are any potential boundary issues—for fences, driveways or otherwise—get a survey of the property done, sooner rather than later, to know where you stand." 
- Bobby Montagne

Once home buyers and sellers have negotiated their way to an offer and have a closing date on the books, you’d think they’re totally in the clear, right? Well...not necessarily. Our CEO Bobby Montagne shares a common speedbump that can slow down a home sale - and how to avoid them so you can finish right on time… read full article here

8 Ways to Tell The House You’re Buying Is a Flip

Know how to investigate a property’s background and spot suspect work before you put in an offer on a flipped house...read full article here

The D.C. region’s 2017 housing market, mapped

Top 5 Zip Codes with Highest Median Sales Price in Washington, DC Metro Area

Last year’s single-family residential real estate sales in the Washington region reveal a diverse housing market. Prices escalated and sales boomed in sought-after areas but were flat or down in others. Using data from Black Knight, a national real estate data analytics company, who have mapped the region’s 243 Zip codes. Explore three housing indicators - price, sales and change in price - for each Zip code...read full article here


4 of the Best and Worst Home Improvement Projects

Considering some potential home improvement projects in the near future? If that’s the case, it’s imperative you do your homework. While some renovation ideas tend to add value to one’s home, others equate to throwing money down the drain and getting nothing in return...read full article here

Cheap House Improvements Under $500 That Will Increase the Value

Whether you intend to sell your home in the near future or stay put in the long haul, house improvements can increase the value of your property. But if you shudder at the thought of wasting your time on labor-intensive projects that may or may not add equity, you’re not alone. Realtor.com found a slew of smart projects that are relatively simple, will cost you no more than $500, and will be catnip to future buyers - or just make your everyday life a bit brighter...read full article here

11 Trusted Tips to Avoid a Home Improvement Scam

If you want to avoid being fooled and losing a losing a lot of money, follow these tips...read full article here

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