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Weekly Round Up - Real Estate Links We Love - May 27

Posted by Walnut Street Finance Team on May 27, 2018 3:18:29 PM

This week’s round up of real estate links we love


Get One While You Can: New-Home Prices Have Fallen to a 12-Month Low

For years, all home buyers have heard is that prices are going up, up, and away. But the cost of buying a newly constructed abode has fallen to its lowest price point of the last 12 months…read full story here

Memorial Day Marks Big Weekend for Home Sales

At the end of May, we’ve all got summer, barbecues, and parties with family and friends on the brain. Despite these welcome distractions, Americans around this time of year are apparently all about business when it comes to one thing: real estate...read full story here

New Projects for Rise in Interest Rates in 2018

At the beginning of 2018, most experts agreed that the Federal Reserve would almost certainly raise interest rates four times over the course of the coming year, a move that could have taken mortgage interest rates from near-historic lows back to still-relatively historic lows, but slightly higher. After the Fed’s most recent meeting, however, that projection has been scaled back. At present, predictions indicate only a 37 percent likelihood that interest rates will rise a total of four times before the end of 2018...read full story here


15 Benefits of Wholesaling Real Estate

Getting started in real estate investing by wholesaling is generally easier than starting with other investing strategies...read full story here

10 Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Bought a Foreclosure

Anyone with an interest in real estate may be tempted to buy a foreclosed home, a property on which the owner stopped making mortgage payments. The low prices lure home buyers in search of a deal, and they also tempt people aiming to flip the place for profit...read full story here

You Have $10,000 In Your Pocket. Now, Find out How to Invest It.

If you are able to do your research and nail down a strategy, you could see more money very soon...read full story here


8 Home Painting Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Of all the DIY projects you might tackle during your days as a homeowner, painting a room seems like the easiest. After all, people let their kids do it right? But painting a room isn’t as simple as picking your favorite color and slapping it on the wall...read full story here

4 Tips to Save Money on Maintenance and Repairs Between Renters

One of the biggest downsides of high rental property turnover is that it costs money to clean up, repair, and touch-up the property in between tenants. Knowing how to save money on these processes can be a lifesaver...read full story here

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