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Weekly Round Up - Real Estate Links We Love - July 22

Posted by Walnut Street Finance Team on Jul 22, 2018 11:50:40 AM

Our weekly round up of real estate links we love…


Millennials risking retirement accounts to buy homes, study finds

Despite cynicism and reports to the contrary, the American Dream is alive and well, especially for millennials. And their top target for achieving the American Dream? Homeownership. But a recent Bank of the West study has found that a staggering number of millennials (those ages 21 to 34) are risking their retirement funds to make that down payment on a white picket fence...read full story here

Real estate report: Rising prices, interest don’t worry some buyers

Rising home prices and interest rates are a challenge for many, but a new survey shows that they’re not a problem for some buyers. According to the Realtor.com survey, 34 percent of buyers were unfazed by price and interest-rate hikes...read full story here

Real Estate: What A $300k House Looks Like In Every State

According to Realtor.com, the median listing price for a home in the United States is just under $300,000. This varies from state to state, of course—$160,000 is the average home price in Indiana, Ohio and West Virginia, while the median in both California and Hawaii is over $500,000. But what kind of house will $300,000 get you in each state? Read full story here


7 Real Estate Tools Entrepreneurs Should Know About

Last year, house flipping hit a decade high. More and more people continue to invest in real estate, and it’s becoming increasingly challenging to find a profitable real estate deal before the next investor pounces on it first. That’s why the most successful investors are pairing technology with what they do best to help find the best new opportunities. With the market getting more crowded, the right technology allows people to amplify their results. Here are seven companies that are shaking up the real estate industry with technology...read full list here

Investors embrace multifamily as demographic trends shift

The multifamily housing sector is attracting real estate investors that wouldn't have looked at it previously...read full story here

Are Turnkey Investments Really Worth It?

Is turnkey real estate worth it? There is a huge stigma around turnkey and rightly so. At the end of the day, there are just too many operators selling properties for far more than they are worth in bad areas. There are also property management companies associated with turnkey properties known to nickel and dime to death. So what you’re promised on paper is never actually what you make in real life. Are there good turnkey companies out there? Sure. But unfortunately, the majority of them are pretty crappy...read full story here


Home improvement spending set to hit $340B: Tips to protect the ‘roof over your head’

Americans are expected to spend nearly $340 billion in 2018 to upgrade or to patch up their homes, a 7.5 percent increase from last year, according to a report by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University...read full story here

Small Home Improvements that Pack a Big Bang

All sellers want to get top dollar, and in order to achieve that, many look for ways to update their home and make it more attractive to buyers. And, like most of us, these sellers also want to get the biggest bang for their buck. Here are some low-cost updates that can set your home apart from the competition and make a big impact on buyers...and your bottom line...read full story here

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Garage? Real Estimates for Homeowners

Estimating the cost of building a garage will take into account a number of factors, including the size, the materials used, price of permits, labor costs, and any extra bells and whistles you want to add. Let's take a look at overall costs...read full story here

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