Weekly Round Up: Real Estate Links We Love - Jan 27

Posted by Walnut Street Finance Team on Jan 27, 2018

Here’s your weekly dose of real estate links we love!

The 3 hottest neighborhoods to live in DC

Walnut Street Finance CEO Bobby Montagne makes his television debut on WUSA9! He was invited to speak about our take on the three hottest neighborhoods to live in Washington, DC. Watch the full segment here

Bobby Montagne on WUSA9 | Walnut Street Finance


A Millennial’s Guide to Buying Your First Home

Are you a millennial that is ready to dive in and make your first home purchase? Lauren Bowling, a millennial and award-winning blogger and editor behind the personal finance site “Financial Best Life,” recently took the dive into real estate investing and made many costly mistakes. In this recent interview with Joe Fairless, she outlines the mistakes she made and the lessons she learned, as well as provided a guide for first-time, millennial investors so that they can avoid falling into the same expensive and time consuming traps…Read Full Article Here

Afraid You’ll Overpay for Home Projects?

The fear of overpaying for a project is common among homeowners planning a home update. Here’s a quick look at budget-related concerns and how some homeowners are approaching them...Read Full Article Here

Home Advisor Homeowners Insights Infographic | Walnut Street Finance


4 Pros, 4 Cons of Open Floor Plans

The open floor plan has been popular in many new home designs. Homeowners are showing a desire to have no walls separating the kitchen, dining and living areas. In fact, 84 percent of new single-family homes have fully or partially open layouts, according to the National Association of Home Builders...Read Full Article Here


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Ready To Get Started In Real Estate Investing? Consider This

Investing in single family rental properties can deliver strong immediate returns, plus long-term appreciation, in the right markets and under the right conditions. Generally speaking, there are three ways to invest in these properties...Read Full Article Here


Building Your Real Estate Empire


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