Weekly Round Up: Real Estate Links We Love - Jan 13

Posted by Walnut Street Finance Team on Jan 13, 2018

In this week's edition of our weekly round up of real estate links we love, we explore a wide-range of home buying tips for 2018, renovations that'll help increase your home value, and remind you why real estate investing is more than just about making money, but it's also about having fun! 

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How to Buy a House This Year: 5 Tips to Get an Edge

“Housing stock continues to be at record lows across the country, the days of multiple offers are back in many [areas].” - Bobby Montagne

Figuring out how to buy a house is no small feat - particularly since the rules keep on changing. So even if you’ve bought a home in the past and feel like the process is old hat, watch out: What worked in 2017 might not fly in 2018. It’s a whole new real estate world out there! In effort to prepare you, here are some of the new rules on how to buy a house this year... Read Full Article Here

Owning is cheaper than renting in over half of US counties

With home prices rising 7 percent year-over-year, renting is often seen as a more affordable alternative to buying. But as ATTOM Data Solutions latest rental affordability report shows, that isn’t necessarily true for a good chunk of the population... Read Full Article Here

In home flipping there is a tremendous amount of potential, but in order to see  that potential, you need to understand the entire process. Download our free  Ebook that will explain the steps you need to take BEFORE you actually select  the property.

8 Things That Make Real Estate Investing So Much Fun

Sure, the returns are worth it even if you aren't having fun earning them, but there's no reason not to have some fun! Here's are a few reminders why real estate investing is fun...Read Full Article Here

First 3 Questions to answer when starting to invest in real estate


High-Value Home Additions You Should Consider

Whether you are investing in your home for resale or are just making improvements for yourself, there are some wise upgrades and remodels that are worth your time and resources and may make you money in the long term...Read Full Article Here

Building Your Real Estate Empire: Borrower Basics 101

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