Weekly Round Up: Real Estate Links We Love - Feb 24

Posted by Walnut Street Finance Team on Feb 24, 2018

This week’s round up of real estate links we love…

Real Estate News

Housing Overhaul

Richmond Virginia Fix and Flip | Walnut Street FinancePhoto Courtesy of One South Realty 

Flipping is at an all-time high in select Richmond neighborhoods. For the first three quarters of 2017, there was an estimated $12 billion in financing for house flipping across the country - an all-time high in the decade since the 2007 housing crash, according to a (Q3 2017) report by ATTOM Data Solutions, a nationwide property database. In Richmond, driving through Manchester or along North Side’s Brookland Park Boulevard, you can witness this national trend hitting home...Read Full Article Here

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Up-and-Coming neighborhoods

Northern Virginia Magazine in collaboration with local real estate agents put together a list of up-and-coming communities in Northern Virginia...See Which Cities Made the List

Real Estate Investing Tips

18 Ways New Real Estate Investors Can Succeed in 2018

Real estate investing, in all regards, has changed over the years. The techniques that worked for an investor 10 or 15 years ago will most likely not work in 2018. Investors are constantly learning and evolving their practices to reach new levels of success. 18 members of the Forbes Real Estate Council share advice with newbie real estate investors to help them find success i the new era...Read Full Article Here

Mortgage Rate on FIRE! Home Prices Up in Smoke?

Mortgage interest rates have already risen by over a quarter of a percentage point in 2018. Many are projecting that rates could increase to 5% by the end of the year. What impact will rising interest rates have on house values? ...Read Full Article

Home Improvement Tips

How to make your home energy efficient

Make your home more energy efficient | Walnut Street Finance

Photo Courtesy of Curbed DC via  Sunny Eckerle

Reduce your carbon footprint and increase your savings with these tips from the pros...Find Out How

Renovating properties: How to build efficient systems surrounding your big picture

Renovating properties is an all-consuming process and can become a nightmare both financially and personally if you aren’t totally dialed in with every part of your business. Our team has been developing the system to grow from a few dozen rehabs a year to well over 150+ for 2018. That volume comes with practice, dedication, failure, clarity, focus, learning, and time. By learning the lessons on both the successes and failures and implementing those things into our business, we have continued to refine what the processes look like. We’re working to change the way we tackle our renovations, our team’s happiness, and our bottom line...Read Full Article

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