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Weekly Round Up - Real Estate Links We Love - Aug 19

Posted by Walnut Street Finance Team on Aug 19, 2018 9:21:00 AM

Our weekly round up of real estate links we love…


Here are the cities with the most home buying power in the U.S.

The three key drivers of the Real House Price Index (RHPI) are household income levels, the 30-year, fixed mortgage rate, and the unadjusted house price index. Changes to household income levels and the 30-year, fixed mortgage rate are considered together as consumer house-buying power. When household income rises and/or the mortgage rate falls, consumer house-buying power increases...read full story here

Lack of home inventory continues to be double-edged sword in N.Va.


Home sales across Northern Virginia in July were essentially flat from a year before, but a lack of inventory pushed serious buyers to act aggressively, sending average and median sales prices higher...read full story

Is the housing market starting to cool off?

With housing inventory shortages rampant across the nation, the summer of 2018 was suppose to be “the most competitive housing market in recorded history,” as realtors braced to field a deluge of offers for every house for sale, allowing sellers to name their price. But as July turns into August, reports suggest that in many markets that rush of offers hasn’t materialized. While home prices have yet to be affected, the apparent weakening of demand suggests that the housing market may finally be cooling down...read full story here


12 Reasons Why Rental Properties Are the Best Investment

It’s no secret that I love rental properties. Sure, flipping and wholesaling properties might be fun. Notes and tax liens might have fewer tenants. The stock market might be more popular. But rental properties are my true business love. Let me explain why...read full story here

13 Evergreen Real Estate Tips That Hold True In Any Market

Anyone who's ever purchased or sold property knows the real estate industry is a fickle one. Changing demographic makeups, economic conditions, interest rates and other factors play a role in how "good" the market is for a buyer or seller, and in a few short years, prices in any given area can dramatically shift...read full story here

Should 100-Year-Old Properties Scare You as an Investor?

No, I’m not scared of 100-year-old properties. In fact, I have always been fascinated by older properties. They just have a look and a feel that you do not get with newer ones. They have a history and a story to them. I wonder who lived there. I wonder who worked there. I wonder what life was like for them 100 or more years ago...read full story here

[ READ MORE: Buying a Historic Home in North Carolina? Read this first.]


8 Features That Make Your Rental Irresistible to Families

Kids are high-impact on rental properties. So why the heck would any landlord go out of their way to attract families? Read full story here

5 Pitfalls You May Encounter If You Renovate Without a Permit

If you're thinking of renovating, you've probably already realized that it's a long road from "brilliant vision" to "completed new addition." Once you've found the architect or contractor who'll bring your ideas to fruition, it's time to think about permits...read full story here

How to Add On to Your Kitchen

A cramped kitchen can make even the most basic cooking and entertaining tasks challenging. If your home’s footprint isn’t quite enough to get the kitchen you crave, it may be time to add on...read full story here

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