Weekly Round Up - Real Estate Links We Love - April 1

Posted by Walnut Street Finance Team on Apr 1, 2018

No April Fools Jokes here, just our weekly round up of real estate links we love. 

Real Estate News

D.C. to seek development partners for four projects, with a focus on east of the Anacostia

The District announced Tuesday that it will soon seek development partners for four projects - three east of the Anacostia - totaling thousands of square feet of retail, office, residential and restaurants...read full article here

[ DEAL OF THE WEEK: 1719 Frankford St SE, Washington, DC 20020 ]

With Great Pay and Cheap Living, These 9 Southern Cities Are Taking Over

It’s no secret that cities in the southern US tend to have a cheap cost of living. According to data from Numbeo, for example, a month’s worth of groceries costs close to $350 in Philadelphia. Meanwhile, in cities such as Lexington, Ky., Durham, N.C. and Houston, that price only runs in the $200 range...read full article here

Real Estate Investing Tips

3 Keys To The Successful Real Estate Investor Model


If you follow the three keys of the Successful Real Estate Investor Model (i.e., know values, find opportunities, and make deals), then you should have very little trouble keeping Buffett's first rule of investing, which means you'll keep his second rule, too! Read full article here

Five More Secrets To Successful Single-Family Rental Real Estate Investing

Investing in instruments like stocks and commodities is very different from investing in single-family rental real estate. The latter is much more hands-on venture where you have more control but also more responsibility for the performance of the asset. As a result, real estate investing requires that you develop a more in-depth understanding of the process...read full article here

Home Improvement Tips

7 Front Porch Ideas That’ll Help You Make A Good First Impression

When was the last time you really thought about your front porch, and ideas to beautify the front of your house. You’ve probably spent a lot of time spiffing up the inside of your home or tending to your front law, but your front porch is another area of your home that deserves a decent amount of time and attention...read full article here

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Your Guide to a Smooth-Running Construction Project

By understanding the construction process, being part of the team and keeping a firm grip on the budget, your construction project can result in the home of your dreams...read full article here

Essential Math For the Fix and Flipper
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