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3 Reasons Real Estate Investment is Growing in Hampton Roads

If you’re familiar with Hampton Roads, Virginia it should come as no surprise that real estate investment is growing - fast.

2018: Which Cities Are the Most Prosperous?

When you hear the word prosperous, what other terms come to mind? Profitability, growth and long-term sustainability may be on the list – especially if you’re associating the term with real estate.

Veterans in Real Estate: A Conversation with Danny DeKinder of Real Estate Careers for Heroes

Danny DeKinder is a veteran and a realtor who knows the realities of transitioning from a military career into civilian life all too well. He founded Real Estate Careers for Heroes after he became a full-time realtor and developed a passion for...

What is ARV? A Quick 5 Minutes Can Earn You Thousands. How's That for ROI?

Real estate investing is a common practice within Washington, DC, where almost 1 in 5 homes was an all-cash purchase in 2017. One of the most common ways to invest in DC real estate is to purchase homes that are in need of rehabilitation. Whether...

Why You Should Secure Your Next Investment Property Now

According to the New York Times, “This spring’s home sales season is shaping up to be the most interesting one in years.” By mid to late spring the housing market will heat up, and stay that way through the summer, meaning competition and prices...

4 Reasons Richmond Is On The Rise

 Whether you’re new to real estate investing or you’re a well-seasoned flipper, odds are you’ve heard the same thing: Richmond is a city on the rise.

Hyattsville, Maryland: Top DC Area Housing Market

Hyattsville, Maryland is a dynamic suburb of Washington DC that has seen immense growth recently and is turning the heads of real estate investors and developers alike. While the DC area’s housing market has been steady overall, few areas have...

Could DC’s Triangle Lots Be Your Next Real Estate Investment?

There’s something strange going on in many Washington DC area neighborhoods. Triangular plots of land, the result of odd street intersections that often look like mini public parks, are being developed for homes in a tough real estate market...

How to Find Fix and Flip Gems in Hampton Roads

Finding the perfect property in Hampton Roads (or anywhere for that matter) can be difficult (even discouraging) if you don’t know what to look for. The key to unlocking profitability lies in understanding the neighborhood and knowing ahead of...

Want to Flip in Hampton Roads? Here's Your Guide to the Neighborhood.

Considering a fix and flip in Hampton Roads? Before you buy any property, it’s important to fully understand the region - get to know the people, the economy, the housing market, and anything else that might affect your bottom line.