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Five Richest Virginia Counties with Big Flip Potential

When it comes to big flip potential, there are dozens of cities to choose from, especially if you’ve got the funds to buy the homes that need a lot of TLC. A company called Smart Asset recently released a study of the 25 richest counties in...

Real Estate in 2019: What Investors Can Expect

When 2018 began, real estate investors were looking forward to a prosperous year. And, in the beginning, they weren’t wrong: overall, the outlook was good, and several cities, such as Washington, DC, showed promise for significant growth. But as...

The Growth of Southwest DC and Why You Should Consider Investing

Southwest DC, an area once perceived as an uninteresting and inferior part of town, has become a thriving neighborhood and a revered destination for visitors. As a recent BisNow article notes, people are flocking to this section of our nation’s...

Washington, DC Condo Market Remains Strong

Though condo sales have fallen somewhat in Washington, DC during the past year, they haven’t shown signs of a significant decline. In fact, the latest report from commercial real estate research company, Delta Associates. is showing that the...

How to Spot an Up and Coming Neighborhood

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Jeff Clabaugh from WTOP Money to share some insight into what telltale signs to look for when trying to identify the next hot neighborhood. Listen below.

2 Key Ways Technology is Making Richmond Real Estate Investing More Profitable

If you’re considering a real estate investment in Richmond, Virginia, you should know that technology is rapidly changing the way investors buy and ultimately monetize their investment properties.

3 Reasons Real Estate Investment is Growing in Hampton Roads

If you’re familiar with Hampton Roads, Virginia it should come as no surprise that real estate investment is growing - fast.

2018: Which Cities Are the Most Prosperous?

When you hear the word prosperous, what other terms come to mind? Profitability, growth and long-term sustainability may be on the list – especially if you’re associating the term with real estate.

Veterans in Real Estate: A Conversation with Danny DeKinder of Real Estate Careers for Heroes

Danny DeKinder is a veteran and a realtor who knows the realities of transitioning from a military career into civilian life all too well. He founded Real Estate Careers for Heroes after he became a full-time realtor and developed a passion for...

What is ARV? A Quick 5 Minutes Can Earn You Thousands. How's That for ROI?

Real estate investing is a common practice within Washington, DC, where almost 1 in 5 homes was an all-cash purchase in 2017. One of the most common ways to invest in DC real estate is to purchase homes that are in need of rehabilitation. Whether...