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4 Ways to Maximize Profit on Your Hampton Roads Investment Property

Investing in real estate in Hampton Roads, Virginia can be a highly profitable enterprise - for those who know what adds value and what attracts buyers.

2018: Which Cities Are the Most Prosperous?

When you hear the word prosperous, what other terms come to mind? Profitability, growth and long-term sustainability may be on the list – especially if you’re associating the term with real estate.

Financing a Richmond Real Estate Investment With Walnut Street Finance

Once you’ve decided on a real estate investment in Richmond, Virginia, you’re going to need financing. That’s where Walnut Street Finance comes in - with years of experience in investing and development in the area, we’ve helped countless...

3 Signs a Hampton Roads Investment Property Isn't Right for You

If you’re looking at real estate investment opportunities in Hampton Roads, Virginia, it’s important to know beforehand what will be a dealbreaker for your investment property. 

What is ARV? A Quick 5 Minutes Can Earn You Thousands. How's That for ROI?

Real estate investing is a common practice within Washington, DC, where almost 1 in 5 homes was an all-cash purchase in 2017. One of the most common ways to invest in DC real estate is to purchase homes that are in need of rehabilitation. Whether...

Motherhood and Real Estate Investing: A Conversation with Carol Scott of 1-2-3 Flip

Carol Scott, and her husband J Scott, had high-paying corporate careers before giving them up for a life that would allow them to focus on family. This Mother’s Day, we spoke with Carol about real estate investing and motherhood. Read our...

How Real Estate Investment in Richmond, Virginia Can Be Profitable

If you’re considering investing in real estate in the near future and looking for the right location, Richmond, Virginia should be at the top of your list. 

Sub-million DC Real Estate Market Offers Great Opportunity for Investment

These days, it has almost become a cliche that major U.S. cities situated near the coasts have outrageously expensive real estate. Yet the truth is that while many of these cities certainly have plenty of high-end properties, they also feature...

Real Estate Beats Out Gold and Stocks for Best Long-Term Investment

Gallup recently released reports indicating that the majority of Americans believe that real estate is the best long-term investment. The esteemed polling organization determined 34% of Americans surveyed choose real estate as the best investment...

Your Guide to Real Estate Investing in Hampton Roads, Virginia

If you’re thinking about investing in real estate in Hampton Roads, VA, you're on the right track. This Southern Virginia area is  a promising region worth your time, money, and consideration.