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How to Analyze a Multifamily Real Estate Investment

Have you set your sights on investing in multifamily real estate property? If so, before you dive in, you need to review property choices carefully and calculate your expected returns. Here’s how to do that and avoid an unnecessary gamble.

Single-Family vs. Multi-Family Real Estate Investing

Multi-family property investing can be very lucrative. But it is also very different than single-family property investing. Single-family investment tends to be designed for a quick turnaround — get in, fix up, and get out — where as...

Multi-Family Real Estate: A Conversation with Lucas Hall of Landlordology

Multi-family real estate investing is a great way to scale your real estate investment career. To get some deeper insight into the multi-family world, we recently spoke with Lucas Hall, founder of Landlordology. Lucas started his career at 24...