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Amazon HQ2 is coming to the DC area. What does that mean for investors?

Wherever Amazon’s HQ2 ended up, there was going to be a significant impact on the selected city. And now that Amazon has announced that half of its prize will go to Arlington County’s Crystal City, VA (the other half going to New York), the news...

June 2018 Adds 213,000 Jobs Which Is Good for Real Estate

According to the June 2018 job report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics the United States has added 213,000 jobs. The total is actually larger than the 200,000 jobs economists had originally projected. Overall, job growth was identified...

2018: Which Cities Are the Most Prosperous?

When you hear the word prosperous, what other terms come to mind? Profitability, growth and long-term sustainability may be on the list – especially if you’re associating the term with real estate.

American Employers Expanding Payroll, Unemployment Rates at Record Low

April 2018 marked the 91st consecutive month of employment gains. Since 2014, the average monthly job gain has steadily declined. While it may seem alarming, that is actually normal for a recovering economy.

Real Estate Beats Out Gold and Stocks for Best Long-Term Investment

Gallup recently released reports indicating that the majority of Americans believe that real estate is the best long-term investment. The esteemed polling organization determined 34% of Americans surveyed choose real estate as the best investment...

March Jobs Report: Continued Hiring Doesn't Translate to Wage Increase

According to The Wall Street Journal the United States added 103,000 jobs last month – this number was below expectations of 178,000. Overall, the unemployment rate held at 4.1 percent and hiring remained strong.

Bobby Montagne Chats with VoiceAmerica at Pitbull Conference

Our Founder and CEO, Bobby Montagne, spoke with Ryan Treasure from VoiceAmerica during last week’s Pitbull Conference (45th annual National Hard Money Conference) in Scottsdale, AZ. Listen below and find out:

My Podcast Interview with Joe Fairless

Late last year I had the opportunity to chat with fellow real estate investor and renowned host of the world's longest running daily real estate podcast, Joe Fairless. He interviewed me for an episode of his podcast, Best Ever Show and it went...

Is Dodd-Frank Doomed Under Trump?

We don’t think so. First, some background.