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Ask Melissa: Where Do I Start When Renovating a Fix and Flip?

Hi there! I'm Melissa , Portfolio Manager here at Walnut Street Finance. As you may know, we're answering commonly asked questions on our blog. Chip Sher has weighed in on a few already, and today, I'm going to share a few tips with you about...

Finding the Right Financing for Your Next Fix and Flip

When you’re considering a fix and flip investment, success can often be dependent on acquiring financing that is structured to meet your project’s specific needs and goals.

4 Tips to Selling Your Fix and Flip

Sometimes, the hardest part of fix and flip investing isn’t the work you put into the house - it’s finding an actual buyer. To make this a little easier, we’ve put together this handy guide of the four easiest ways to make your fix and flip...

Buying a Fix and Flip House: Knowing When to Turn Down a Deal

Whether it’s a side gig or a full-time job, fix and flip investing can be a great way to earn an additional stream of income. 

Fix and Flip TV Shows: What They Get Right (and What They Don't)

There’s no denying that fix and flip TV shows are entertaining to watch. Programs like Flip or Flop, First Time Flippers, and Fixer Upper draw in viewers with big margins, beautiful homes, and rapid renovations. 

Building an Efficient Timeline for Your Next Fix and Flip

Timing is everything when it comes to fix and flip investments - when a project is done right, an efficient timeline will both cut down on total costs and increase your bottom line.

Getting Started on Your First Fix and Flip

Fix and flip: Maybe you’ve seen it done on TV, maybe you heard about it through a friend who’s just quit their job to become a full-time flipper. If you’re looking for a tell-all guide to fixing and flipping houses for profit, you’re in the right...

How to Find Fix and Flip Gems in Hampton Roads

Finding the perfect property in Hampton Roads (or anywhere for that matter) can be difficult (even discouraging) if you don’t know what to look for. The key to unlocking profitability lies in understanding the neighborhood and knowing ahead of...

7 Principles to Guide Your Fix and Flip Decisions

If you're a fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines -- let's be real, who isn't -- you're familiar with their Texas-size success story, but what isn't apparent on the television version is just how hard they work and how much they worried. 

Who are the Flipsters? What Makes this Next Generation of Home Flippers Unique.



Americans have a love affair with labels and now Millennial flip and fixers are being dubbed “Flipsters.” If you haven’t already guessed, the term is a conflation of home “flipper” and “hipster.” Bring those two ideas together and you have...