Staging Tips for Every Season

Posted by Bobby Montagne on Aug 19, 2017

As the seasons change so does the real estate market. It’s important to adapt your home staging strategy and decor for the season. Understanding what each season brings can drive your staging budget and attract buyers.

Here are some tips for staging in all four seasons:

Spring is a hot season for home sales. Families with children are looking for new homes so they can make their moves during summer break and before a new school year. It’s a good time for a fresh start. Spring staging should include lots of bright and cheery decor. Focus on decorating with light, welcoming colors such as yellows or greens. Ensure the lawn is manicured and invest in landscaping or outdoor planters with fresh colorful flowers or plants. You can even bring in some of those fresh flowers for display inside the home.

front yard landscape with wheel barrow of gardening tools

Summer staging is very similar to spring. You want to focus on the curb appeal with nicely manicured landscapes and inviting florals and plants. If you have an outdoor living space, you’ll want to make it a focal point. You can go a little further with the decor by including a tablescape to emphasize outdoor entertaining, or even some lights to create an ambiance for outdoor summer nights. You want to help the potential buyer visualize what their summer days and nights could be like in the home.

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As summer turns to fall, the foliage turns from lush greens to warmer oranges, reds and browns. Your staging decor should follow suit. You’ll want to consider warmer colors inside the home, deeper hues to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Placing bowls of seasonal fruits, like apples, can help add pops of color. Mulled apple cider can give the home a sweet, warm smell that is always inviting. And as always, landscape is important in the fall too. You’ll want to clear the grass and walk ways of fallen leaves and any debris.

beautiful dining room set with fall decor

The winter months may be a little slower for the real estate market, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare your home for potential buyers just the same. During these months, you can play upon the holidays to help give the feeling of warmth and draw on traditions. Hanging a wreath on the door can give a little bit of a color pop. Ensuring you have sufficient lighting inside because the days are shorter will make the home feel welcoming. Fresh baked cookies to give the home a sweet and delicious scent. Curb appeal in the winter is just as important. You’ll want to remove empty or dead planters and ensure the walkways are cleared if there is snow. If the home has a fireplace, turn it on and let the crackling wood and warmth do the job for you.

Whether it's spring flowers, summer showers, fall leaves or winter is coming... you must stage for the season. Your fix and flip may be shiny and new, but buyers need to be able to feel they belong there. Helping create that atmosphere by adding little touches, even if they’re subtle can truly benefit. So be sure to add staging and decor to your fix and flip budget, which we’ll discuss in a future post!

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