8 Unbeatable Tips for Real Estate Investors During the Winter Season

Posted by Bobby Montagne on Nov 23, 2016

The turkey has been eaten, the tryptophan has kicked in, and you’ve watched enough football to last you until New Year’s Day. So what’s next on your long Thanksgiving weekend agenda?  Black Friday deals, baby!!

But once you have bought the kids their video games and Uncle Sol his reindeer sweater what is left for the savvy real estate investor to purchase on Black Friday?

Let’s look at some opportunities for real estate investors to take advantage of a quiet fix and flip buying period during the winter months.

8 great deals for fix and flip real estate investors during the winter months:

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1. Service contracts. Pre-pay now for HVAC and other service contracts and get discounts.
2. Landscape contracts. If you renew your landscape agreement now and pay in advance, you can typically get up to a 10% discount.

3. Roofing repair and replacement. Contractors are looking for extra business to get them through the winter. Commit now and lock in a reduced rate.

4. Window and door replacement. By taking advantage of the slow season, you have the ability to get free installation and up to 25% off windows and doors.

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5. General contracting agreements. General contractors will look for stable and consistent work through the cold months. Lock in your contract now and reap the saving

6. Materials. Check out the Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials at Home Depot and Lowe's - especially on large appliances. You can often get extended 0% financing deals on larger purchases too

7. Real estate agents. Business gets cold in December for real estate agents, as well. Negotiate a reduced commission to lock in business now.

8. Post Thanksgiving property shopping. There are fewer buyers in the market during the holiday season.  If you can buy when no one else is, you have some serious negotiating power and can score a great real estate investment deal.


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