It's Flipping 2018! 5 North Carolina Real Estate Hotspots To Watch This Year

Posted by Bobby Montagne on Mar 27, 2018

Rich in everything from cuisine to culture, North Carolina is one of the ideal investment sites for fix and flippers in 2018. From its sandy beaches in the east to the Blue Ridge Mountains in the west (along with more than a few up-and-coming neighborhoods in between), the timing is just right for an investment in real estate.

North Carolina hotspots for real estate

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On that note, here are five North Carolina real estate hotspots to watch in 2018.

1. New Hill - Raleigh, NC 

Just under 30 minutes from downtown Raleigh, New Hill is a fix and flipper’s dream-come-true. Over the years, wealth from the city has turned into investment in neighboring townships, New Hill included. While development is already underway in some areas, New Hill offers a large number of smaller and older homes that would be a steal for the wise investor. 

2. Belmont - Charlotte, NC

Situated between Plaza Midwood and Optimist Park, Belmont is a transitional neighborhood near Charlotte that’s rich with reasonably-priced fix and flip prospects. Charlotte is an ideal place for a fix and flip investment, thanks in no small part to its booming population and rich and historic culture. But you’d better move fast - Belmont is changing so quickly that by the end of 2018, you might be hard-pressed to find that perfect property.

3. Warehouse District - Raleigh, NC

Over the last ten years, this neighborhood has transformed from a shuttered downtown factory area into a hip, bustling center for arts and culture. Beginning with the opening of the Contemporary Art Museum at the turn of the decade, the Warehouse District has quickly become a beacon for the urban hip. This neighborhood lies at the heart of the city and will only continue to mature over time - and while its transformation is already well underway, deals still exist for the prudent fix and flipper.

4. Albright - Durham, NC

Located just outside of city center in Durham, Albright is rising neighborhood in the early stages of change, offering a great proximity to the city and low competition from other investors. While it may be awhile before the transformation is complete (and the closer to Cleveland-Holloway, the better), for the moment, there are a ton of deals to be had on fix and flip property. So, if you’re interested in turning a larger profit in the long run, the sooner you can invest in Albright, the better.

5. Sanford - Raleigh, NC

With a median home price a full $70,000 lower than downtown Raleigh, Sanford may be the ideal place for fix and flippers looking to invest in North Carolina. As real estate investors set their sights beyond Raleigh, they’ve steadily moved down Route 1 and towards Sanford. And while the city may be around a 45-minute commute to Raleigh, it has an economy of its own, with employers including large businesses like 3M, Caterpillar Inc, Pfizer, and Tyson Foods.

The Bottom Line 

North Carolina is growing, fast. It’s host to a large number of rapidly-changing neighborhoods, and it’s ripe for investment and transformation from the intelligent fix and flipper.

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