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Beat Up from the MeetUp? How to Get the Most Out of Real Estate Investment Meetups

Posted by Walnut Street Finance Team on Oct 15, 2019 10:00:00 AM

MeetUps are an amazing trend, particularly in Real Estate Investments. There are well over 6,000 MeetUps about Real Estate Investors just on Meetup.com alone. In case you are new to the topic, MeetUps are local group meetings that revolve around a particular interest or topic.


Meetup.com is one online site that allows you to browse, join, or create MeetUp groups. If you are attending MeetUps and feel like you just aren’t getting what you want out of it, you are not alone. MeetUps can feel completely overwhelming. Your MeetUp experience can range from life changing to just plain awful. Here are some things you can do to get the most of them.

1. Have a goal. What do you want to get out of the group meeting? This could be learning how to do something new, such as how to apply for a fix and flip loan. It could be networking to find a real estate agent or private lender to help you on future real estate projects. It could be to generate leads for your business. Having a specific measurement for success when you attend a meeting will help you focus.

2. Do your homework. Learn about the host, speaker(s), and attendees so you can identify anyone you would like to meet during the event. In addition, if there is a specific topic being presented, have some questions you would like to get the answers to at the meeting. Knowing a little about the people and topics ahead of time will allow you to target your energy and time at the event in the most beneficial way.

3. Pre-introduce yourself. Reaching out to people ahead of the event via email or LinkedIn messaging will help break the ice before the event and make meeting others more productive. Sometimes it is easier to approach someone online first. Almost everyone going to a Real Estate Investor Meetup is looking to meet others like you, whether they are a wholesaler, flipper, real estate agent, broker, hard money lender, or private lender.

4. Attend with positive attitude. Many groups meet after work on weekdays. At the end of a long day, with other things on your mind, it can be easy to zombie through an event. This is where your prep steps can help. You know what you are there to accomplish, who you are going to meet, and they are even expecting to meet you. Every event can be productive, even if it is to learn one little nugget of information. Go in with energy and positive expectations.

5. Review the game film. After the event, take a couple of minutes to review what you learned and who you met. It can be helpful to write down notes, as well as update your contacts.

6. Follow up. Reaching out to people who you meet, even if it is just a connection request on LinkedIn, will help increase the probability that your network will grow into a productive professional network. If there were any action items or goals you wanted to achieve based on the information learned at the event, now is the time to prioritize and get it done.

You get out of Meetup groups what you put into them. Whether it is specific to real estate investments, business groups, or your favorite hobby, using a method will help control the madness so you can learn, network, and have fun.

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