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Having Trouble Finding Properties to Fix and Flip? Try a Wholesaler!

Posted by Walnut Street Finance Team on Nov 25, 2019 2:00:00 PM

Trouble finding properties? You are not alone. When the housing inventory is low and competition is high, it is a real challenge! We hear about investors ready for a project, but just can't find the right property.

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So what can you do to help find your next fix and flip project? Consider using a real estate wholesaler. 

A real estate wholesaler is the middleman between the seller and you the buyer. Their business is reliant on finding properties under market value and connecting the seller to a buyer.

You can see why this be appealing to real estate flip and fix investors. Wholesalers have identified and assessed the property, negotiated with the seller, who are are highly motivated to sell the property. A good wholesaler may also have a team set up, from title company to contractors to appraiser, to help the transaction run smoothly. 

All this work will save you time and money, and help determine if there is value and potential profit for you. You can now focus on rehabbing the property and getting it back on the market for sale. 

Building a strong relationship with a wholesaler can be beneficial. If you’re looking for a specific property they might be the ones to bring it to you or if they find one that might be within your criteria, chances are you’ll be at the top of their list of contacts. 

Wholesalers will make money by purchasing a property at below market value and selling to an investor who is willing to pay for the property at sale price plus their wholesaler free. You, in turn, can make money by fixing and flipping the property for more. It’s truly a win-win scenario for all. 

And once you find your property, give us a call and we can get you pre-approved!


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