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Choose Your Own Adventure: Financing With Walnut Street Finance

Posted by Bobby Montagne on Mar 1, 2018 11:56:53 AM

There are many factors that influence a borrower's decision to work with a hard money lender. 

Choose Your Own Adventure_ Walnut Street Financing

When you decided to work with Walnut Street Finance, what drew you to us in the first place? What keeps you coming back for more? And last but not least, what has the end product of working with us looked liked?

Financing with us has unique benefits, from the great relationships we form with our borrowers to our quick loan approval and disbursement times.  But we want to hear from you! In this post we're hoping to get some feedback and start some discussions on what, exactly, makes a Walnut Street Finance borrower tick.

Let us know on social media or in the comments what you think and why you’ve chosen us as your lender of choice.


In the last few months there has been some big changes in how we do business, starting with providing borrowers in a variety of new regions the opportunity to work with us. From Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham areas of North Carolina, to all of Southern Virginia, we’re pleased to be helping developers break new ground in new and exciting locations. And, of course, continuing to maintain our strong ties to the Washington, D.C. area.

So tell us. If you’re a current Walnut Street Finance customer, have you considered branching out into any of our new areas? If you’re a new borrower, what’s brought you to us in the first place?

Types of Loans

One of the many things we pride ourselves on is being able to offer our borrowers a variety of loans to fit a plethora of situations. If you're looking for a loan to simply purchase property, our acquisition loan is for you. If you're in search of funds to build a new development from the ground up, you can take a look at our construction loans. And - of course - if you’ve got grand plans for a fix and flip project, our fix and flip/rehab loans are the perfect solution. And of course, the fact that at Walnut Street Finance we’re able to fund loans quickly - sometimes in as little as 24 hours, which can certainly make or break any deal.

Want to make sure your fix and flip investment is worth all your time and money?

As you’ve been researching your loan options, what have you come across at Walnut Street Finance that you find the most appealing for your business and your specific project?

Styles of Homes

When we’re working with a prospective borrower - whether you're a new customer or we’ve done multiple deals with you already - we pride ourselves on our due diligence. We’re very much a “boots on the ground” type of company, and with 20 years of experience in the construction industry, we have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t in certain locations.

With that in mind, we truly enjoy seeing what types of projects you are coming to us with and what style of homes you’re planning to build or renovate. Will you be working on a 1950s bungalow, a 1900s Victorian, or building a brand new contemporary? More importantly, what will you be doing with that project to keep it in line with current market expectations while also setting it apart from what's already available? Will certain architectual details and the ever-loved "charm" of a historic home be preserved and highlighted, or will the property be modernized to suit buyers that are interested in "smarter" homes? We pay very close attention to market-level details - we know our local markets inside and out. And we're pretty great at predicting whether a certain style of house is going to do well at resale. 

When you’re researching specific markets, what do you look for in prospective properties? Is it the specific style of home, only the neighborhood, the level of cosmetic changes needed - or some combination of all (or more) of those factors?

Are you ready to take a deeper dive into borrowing with Walnut Street Finance? Contact us and tell us about your project!


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