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Top 12 Markets For House Flippers In 2019

When it comes to house flipping, the market waxes and wanes, just like everything else in the real estate world. At the beginning of 2019, the market was still fairly risky, but there are some places where house flipping can still be a lucrative...

How Does the Increase in Federal Interest Rates Affect Hard Money Loans?

According to a BizJournals article, “borrowing costs will continue to trend upwards in 2019 as the economy slows and the Federal Reserve raises interest rates accordingly…” so how do rising interest rates impact the hard money market?

Do I Need an LLC for a Hard Money Loan?

If you’re looking for a hard money loan to finance your next fix and flip project, you may want to consider establishing a limited liability company (LLC) first. Many hard money lenders require borrowers to have an LLC before they move forward...

Five Richest Virginia Counties with Big Flip Potential

When it comes to big flip potential, there are dozens of cities to choose from, especially if you’ve got the funds to buy the homes that need a lot of TLC. A company called Smart Asset recently released a study of the 25 richest counties in...

Real Estate Investor Meetup: Finding Deals Through Wholesalers

We're kicking off the new year with our first real estate investor meetup on Tuesday, January 29 in Fairfax, Virginia!

Real Estate in 2019: What Investors Can Expect

When 2018 began, real estate investors were looking forward to a prosperous year. And, in the beginning, they weren’t wrong: overall, the outlook was good, and several cities, such as Washington, DC, showed promise for significant growth. But as...

Is investing in Washington, DC profitable?

Washington, DC is a unique area to live. The lifestyle, development restrictions, and “transportation infrastructure” have shaped who moves to the region and how many homes are being built.

But as more jobs are promised in the future, heads...

Real Estate Investor Meetup - December 11, 2018

We are hosting our final real estate investor meetup of the year and we want you to join us! This month's featured guest speaker is an experienced and trusted general contracting expert, as requested by previous attendees. Gary Jones will provide...

The Growth of Southwest DC and Why You Should Consider Investing

Southwest DC, an area once perceived as an uninteresting and inferior part of town, has become a thriving neighborhood and a revered destination for visitors. As a recent BisNow article notes, people are flocking to this section of our nation’s...

Your Guide to Investing in Washington, DC Real Estate

This is your guide to understanding one of America's top home-flipping markets: Washington, DC.