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How to Earn Passive Income with Real Estate

Active income is the money earned on work that is performed on a daily basis. Some people have the ability to produce passive income, also referred to as residual or recurring income. Passive income is money you continue to earn after the initial...

Beyond Stocks: Diversifying Your Portfolio with Real Estate

Creating a diversified stock portfolio will produce higher returns, because holding similar stocks tends to lead to similar returns for better or worse; whereas coupling alternative investments on top of your stock holdings can theoretically...

2018: Which Cities Are the Most Prosperous?

When you hear the word prosperous, what other terms come to mind? Profitability, growth and long-term sustainability may be on the list – especially if you’re associating the term with real estate.

Real Estate Beats Out Gold and Stocks for Best Long-Term Investment

Gallup recently released reports indicating that the majority of Americans believe that real estate is the best long-term investment. The esteemed polling organization determined 34% of Americans surveyed choose real estate as the best investment...