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Chip Sher

Chip Sher

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Chip's Tips: How Important is My Credit Score for a Hard Money Loan?

Your credit score is a factor in our loan process, but how important is it? This is one of the top questions we receive from real estate investors looking for a hard money loan. In the video below I help explain how we look at approving a loan...

Chip's Tips: What is LTV? Loan-to-Value Explained

Understanding what LTV, or loan-to-value, means and why it's important is key to ensuring that your next real estate investment project is a successful one. Watch the clip below for my take on LTV and what you need to know.

Chip's Tips: Why Choose Walnut Street Finance as Your Lender

We're starting a new feature on our blog this week, where members of the Walnut Street Finance team answer common questions we are often asked. I'm Chip Sher, Development Officer, answering one of the most common questions we get: why choose...