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Bobby Montagne

Bobby Montagne
Bobby Montagne is a real estate entrepreneur with three decades of experience in commercial and residential property development, finance and sales. Having successfully overseen $15 billion in career transactions, he is among an elite class of real estate innovator that has consistently delivered high quality returns to partners and investors.

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3 Things to Check Before Selling That Fix and Flip

Fixing and flipping a home is no small task. While it can be an exhilarating and rewarding way to turn a profit, it certainly requires some hard work and the willingness to take on a little bit of risk.

Amazon HQ2 is coming to the DC area. What does that mean for investors?

Wherever Amazon’s HQ2 ended up, there was going to be a significant impact on the selected city. And now that Amazon has announced that half of its prize will go to Arlington County’s Crystal City, VA (the other half going to New York), the news...

June 2018 Adds 213,000 Jobs Which Is Good for Real Estate

According to the June 2018 job report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics the United States has added 213,000 jobs. The total is actually larger than the 200,000 jobs economists had originally projected. Overall, job growth was identified...

How to Spot an Up and Coming Neighborhood

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Jeff Clabaugh from WTOP Money to share some insight into what telltale signs to look for when trying to identify the next hot neighborhood. Listen below.

What is Rental Property Depreciation?

People often associate depreciation with the inevitable wear and tear of a rental property; however, this theory could not be further from the truth. Depreciation is the allocation of property costs – and isn’t necessarily assessing the actual...

American Employers Expanding Payroll, Unemployment Rates at Record Low

April 2018 marked the 91st consecutive month of employment gains. Since 2014, the average monthly job gain has steadily declined. While it may seem alarming, that is actually normal for a recovering economy.

March Jobs Report: Continued Hiring Doesn't Translate to Wage Increase

According to The Wall Street Journal the United States added 103,000 jobs last month – this number was below expectations of 178,000. Overall, the unemployment rate held at 4.1 percent and hiring remained strong.

It's Flipping 2018! 5 North Carolina Real Estate Hotspots To Watch This Year

Rich in everything from cuisine to culture, North Carolina is one of the ideal investment sites for fix and flippers in 2018. From its sandy beaches in the east to the Blue Ridge Mountains in the west (along with more than a few up-and-coming...

3 Ways House Flipping in Charlotte Can Be Profitable

House flipping in Charlotte, North Carolina is at its highest level in more than 10 years. As the area becomes more appealing for working professionals and families alike, properties are being snatched up at a breakneck pace by residents and...

Want That Beautiful New Kitchen In Your Next Fix & Flip?

So you’re ready to move forward with your next fix and flip investment, and you’re especially excited about building a beautiful kitchen. But before you start construction, here are five things to keep in mind to maximize your returns while...