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2017 Color and Design Trends: Eclectic, Sustainable and Definitely Not Beige!

Posted by Bobby Montagne on Mar 9, 2017 10:52:00 AM

Beige is officially "out"! Eclectic, sustainable and "personal" are the watchwords for 2017 and beyond. Smart technology will be pervasive, not only for home security, but also in the kitchen and throughout the home. From space utilization to home furnishings, rules for the coming year seem sure to herald a fresh breeze across the home scene. The savvy real estate investor will want to capitalize on these emerging trends when planning their renovation project. Let's take a look at what this year has in store:

Emerging Trends to Watch For in 2017

smart kitchen.jpgKitchens: While stainless steel is not likely to disappear completely, a much more current look for the 2017 kitchen will be black stainless, or a mix of metals. Today's appliances, of course, have abundant new features to make life easier for homeowners, and they also are apt to "talk" to one another, allowing users to control functions and settings through pre-programming or smart phone apps. And, of course, they will be energy efficient.

  • Matte Finishes: Smooth non-shiny surfaces on appliances, cabinets, walls and floors seem infinitely more sophisticated than previous high-gloss looks. The more relaxed ambiance allows homeowners great freedom to develop a home's personality in a unique way. Look for distressed woods and honed stone, tiles that mimic other elements -- like wood or marble -- and unique combinations
  • Marble: The Ancient Greeks were on to something with this durable and elegant stone! It's been around for a long time, but the beauty of marble is newly inspirational for designers -- even in the kitchen! After nearly 15 years, granite may be finally getting a bit passe. If you want your fix and flip to be on the cutting edge, why not install trendy marble counters in your next project?
  • Colors: According to all reports, color is bursting fix-and-flip-project-colorforth all over the home. Pantone's 2017 Color of the Year, Greeneryis an unexpectedly vibrant natural hue that mixes well with other brights or acts as a jolt of surprise in any subdued, neutral scheme. Color analysts look for the return of darker, more intense jewel tones like Benjamin Moore’s color of the year, Shadow.  This deep aubergine evokes romance and mystery. Even neutrals are slightly more intense and interesting than they were in the past. Say goodbye to "boring beige”, at least for a while.

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  • Unique: Materials from the past have been rediscovered: Copper kitchen counter tops, for instance, not only offer great good looks but also have effective bacterial-suppressing qualities.
  • High Tech: The home of the future will be interactive! Now is the time to plan for it. Home builders as well as home owners have a wide range of options to make life easier, make homes safer and enhance quality of life far into the future. Some smaller scale tech upgrades to watch for this year are further developments on smart thermostats, lightbulbs and lock systems.
  • Natural: Sustainability is the new norm -- today, more than ever before. Recycled and reused materials are trendier than ever, from reclaimed and distressed wood flooring to fast-growing bamboo for everything from floors to serving platters and sheets. Aged beams and antique brick patios are smartly modern, and recycled glass subway tiles capture the new aesthetic perfectly.    

As you explore the options available for upcoming renovation efforts in the Washington, D.C. area, be sure to look to the future and incorporate trendy new textures, materials, colors and ideas that will set your projects apart from the rest.

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