Watching Paint Dry is a Whole Lot More Fun if You Save Money Doing It

Posted by Bobby Montagne on Mar 2, 2017

We've all done it, don't worry. You get jazzed about the idea of refreshing your walls with a new coat of paint and run out to the hardware store without taking the time to fully measure the room(s) you will be painting. Whether you're a weekend warrior or fix and flipper, it's important to plan right so you don't leave extra dollars floating around in your leftover gallons of "Cream Puff" high-gloss paint.

This blog lays out the basics for measuring the right amount of paint and choosing the best finish for your next project.

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5 Signs Your Real Estate Agent Isn't the Right Fit

Posted by Bobby Montagne on Feb 2, 2017

When searching for the ideal real estate investment opportunity, locating the perfect agent can sometimes be a challenging experience.  You want someone with a reputation for being a go-getter and problem solver, but you also need to feel comfortable communicating with the agent on a regular basis.  

Here are 5 warning signs that may indicate it's time to find another agent:

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Dip Your Toe in the Real Estate Investing Pool: Try it Part-Time

Posted by Bobby Montagne on Jan 27, 2017


In the HGTV version of your life, you would spend your days leisurely driving around looking for neglected gems in up-and-coming neighborhoods. Then you'd fill them with hand-selected shabby-chic decor before selling them for triple your investment. 

Then there is the real world. In the real world, you already have a job that you need to pay the bills, but you dream of making a little extra money as a real estate entrepreneur, maybe someday doing it as a career. That's a smart way to get started, and there many benefits to investing in real estate part-time.  Here are a few compelling ones: 

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Ensuring Your Real Estate Investment Is Solid: The Checklist

Posted by Bobby Montagne on Jan 25, 2017

No lender wants to be left holding the note on a property that won’t sell or has to be foreclosed upon.  The goal of an ethical and successful private lender is to build mutually profitable relationships with builders, resulting in gains for both parties and, in turn, additional deals.  Due diligence before funding the deal is in both parties’ best interests.  A private lender taking the time to learn the building industry also can provide value-add opportunities for the borrower.

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Tips on How to Achieve Fix and Flip Success

Posted by Bobby Montagne on Dec 9, 2016

At a time when reality television shows have made property novices into flipping geniuses, you may think success in fixing and flipping houses should be easily within your reach. Flipping houses seems pretty straightforward. And, you would think being in the building trade would give you an edge in understanding your expenses and anticipated resale value. But if you’ve ever jumped into a fix and flip project with dollar signs in your eyes only to find yourself blindsided by unexpected fix and flip costs, you know that developing a sound budget—and sticking to it—is not always an easy task. Here are tips on how to achieve fix and flip success...

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8 Unbeatable Tips for Real Estate Investors During the Winter Season

Posted by Bobby Montagne on Nov 23, 2016

The turkey has been eaten, the tryptophan has kicked in, and you’ve watched enough football to last you until New Year’s Day. So what’s next on your long Thanksgiving weekend agenda?  Black Friday deals, baby!!

But once you have bought the kids their video games and Uncle Sol his reindeer sweater what is left for the savvy real estate investor to purchase on Black Friday?

Let’s look at some opportunities for real estate investors to take advantage of a quiet fix and flip buying period during the winter months.

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How to Pick the Right Investment Property

Posted by Bobby Montagne on Oct 20, 2016

Whether it’s today’s Wayne Brady version or the classics with Monty Hall – wide lapels and skinny microphone in tow – Let’s Make a Deal is a game show that we can all relate to.

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