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Bobby Montagne is a real estate entrepreneur with three decades of experience in commercial and residential property development, finance and sales. Having successfully overseen $15 billion in career transactions, he is among an elite class of real estate innovator that has consistently delivered high quality returns to partners and investors.

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What Are Two Ways to Find a Reliable Lender for Your First Flip?

Posted by Bobby Montagne on Jun 22, 2017

Having a reliable lender back your real estate investments is crucial to ensure your venture is successful. But where can you find a reliable fix and flip lender? If you’re new to flipping properties or don’t know where to start looking for lenders, there are two ways to find reliable and trustworthy hard money lenders:

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Do I Need Title Insurance For My Fix and Flip?

Posted by Bobby Montagne on Jun 14, 2017

As you may know, title insurance protects real estate owners and lenders against property loss or damage that might occur because of liens, encumbrances or defects in the title to the property. A title insurance policy may seem seem like a no-brainer for a traditional 30-year mortgage, but what about a fix and flip real estate investment that you plan to be in and out of within 6-9 months?

Does a fix and flipper really need a title insurance policy?

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5 Real Estate Investing Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by Bobby Montagne on Jun 9, 2017

Some may say HGTV has made house flipping seem glamorous.  A real estate investor identifies a distressed property, knocks down walls, picks out new appliances, granite and tile, paints the walls, plants some flowers and voila - there's a $50,000 profit to be had. However, in the real world, it doesn’t always work out that way.

Here are 5 mistakes to avoid to help ensure your house flip is a success:

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Investing in Real Estate? Know What to Expect at the Closing Table.

Posted by Bobby Montagne on May 24, 2017

Investing in real estate is something that becomes less intimidating or confusing the more familiar you become with the process. The closing table represents the pinnacle of success for the buyer, as well as the seller. One person walks away with the keys to a new piece of real estate, and the other receives a (hopefully sizeable) proceeds check. It’s a win-win situation.  Except when it’s not. Things can and do go wrong at the closing table.

Does knowing what to expect at settlement increase the likelihood of a successful transaction for both parties?

Short answer: Yes. Let's discuss...

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How to Tell if a Hard Money Lender is Legit!

Posted by Bobby Montagne on May 17, 2017


Truth be told, the hard-money or private lending industry, like every industry, has a few bad apples. But the good news is they are not the norm AND there are easy checks you can do to weed them out when you are looking for a fair and ethical lender. Here's what to look for......

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⚓️ In a Fix and Flip, Borrowers Need to Steer the Ship ⚓️

Posted by Bobby Montagne on May 10, 2017

If you are new to the flix and flip market, you understandably will rely a lot on your contractor to explain the ins and outs of residential construction. That being said, it's imperative that the real estate investor be the one to manage the timeline, budget, and overall outcome of the rehab project, regardless of their skill or experience level. But why...?

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What is an ALTA Statement and How Do You Read One?

Posted by Bobby Montagne on May 3, 2017

You're days away from closing your deal, and you receive an ALTA statement from the settlement company with A LOT of numbers on it. And where has the old HUD -1 form gone? Here's how to make sense of the new ALTA....

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Permits for Fix and Flips: The Personal Approach Wins

Posted by Bobby Montagne on Apr 26, 2017

It's a common story. You've purchased a promising residential property for a speedy fix and flip. You are trying to swiftly execute your renovation plan and get the property to market as soon as possible. The main hiccup at this point is you need permits and you can’t get a clear answer regarding the status of your application.

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Hard Money Lenders and Credit Checks: What You Should Know

Posted by Bobby Montagne on Apr 22, 2017

Hard money loans are a great alternative for real estate borrowers with less than stellar credit or those who don't have enough financial history to qualify for a bank loan. That doesn't mean that hard money lenders don't conduct credit checks. It just means that your credit score is less likely to be a deal breaker. Here's why...

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When Your Home Inspection Report Has Nasty Surprises

Posted by Bobby Montagne on Apr 18, 2017

You've gotten an offer on your fix and flip, and the buyer has ordered a home inspection. What happens next? Sometimes you'll sail through an inspection and the deal will close quickly.  But what is the best course of action if an inspection report contains unexpected, expensive or (in your judgment) unnecessary items that need to be addressed before you can proceed to the closing table?

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